Measurement of top quark polarization in top-antitop events from proton-proton collisions at ís=7__TeV using the ATLAS detector.

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Show simple item record Aad, G Abajyan, T Abbott, B Abdallah, J Abdel Khalek, S Abdinov, O Aben, R Abi, B Abolins, M AbouZeid, O S Abramowicz, H Abreu, H Abulaiti, Y Acharya, B S Adamczyk, L Adams, D L Addy, T N Adelman, J Adomeit, S Adye, T Aefsky, S Agatonovic-Jovin, T Aguilar-Saavedra, J A Agustoni, M Ahlen, S P Ahmad, A Ahsan, M Aielli, G kesson, T P A Akimoto, G Akimov, A V Alam, M A Albert, J Albrand, S Alconada Verzini, M J Aleksa, M Aleksandrov, I N Alessandria, F Alexa, C Alexander, G Alexandre, G Alexopoulos, T Alhroob, M Aliev, M Alimonti, G Alio, L Alison, J Allbrooke, B M M Allison, L J Allport, P P Allwood-Spiers, S E Almond, J Aloisio, A Alon, R Alonso, A Alonso, F Altheimer, A Alvarez Gonzalez, B Alviggi, M G Amako, K Amaral Coutinho, Y Amelung, C Ammosov, V V Amor Dos Santos, S P Amorim, A Amoroso, S Amram, N Anastopoulos, C Ancu, L S Andari, N Andeen, T Anders, C F Anders, G Anderson, K J Andreazza, A Andrei, V Anduaga, X S Angelidakis, S Anger, P Angerami, A Anghinolfi, F Anisenkov, A V Anjos, N Annovi, A Antonaki, A Antonelli, M Antonov, A Antos, J Anulli, F Aoki, M Aperio Bella, L Apolle, R Arabidze, G Aracena, I Arai, Y Arce, A T H Arfaoui, S Arguin, J-F Argyropoulos, S Arik, E 2019-01-17T19:55:29Z 2019-01-17T19:55:29Z 2013
dc.identifier.citation Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 232002
dc.identifier.issn 1079-7114
dc.description.abstract This Letter presents measurements of the polarization of the top quark in top-antitop quark pair events, using 4.7 fb(-1) of proton-proton collision data recorded with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider at ís=7 TeV. Final states containing one or two isolated leptons (electrons or muons) and jets are considered. Two measurements of _(_)P, the product of the leptonic spin-analyzing power and the top quark polarization, are performed assuming that the polarization is introduced by either a CP conserving or a maximally CP violating production process. The measurements obtained, _(_)P(CPC)-0.035±0.014(stat)±0.037(syst) and _(_)P(CPV)=0.020±0.016(stat)(-0.017)(+0.013)(syst), are in good agreement with the standard model prediction of negligible top quark polarization.
dc.format.extent 1 file
dc.language English
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher American Physical Society
dc.rights Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
dc.subject Physical Sciences
dc.subject Fysik
dc.subject Natural Sciences Physical Sciences
dc.subject Naturvetenskap Fysik
dc.subject Pair Production
dc.subject Decay
dc.title Measurement of top quark polarization in top-antitop events from proton-proton collisions at ís=7__TeV using the ATLAS detector.
dc.type Article
dc.contributor.department Department of Physics
dc.relation.journal Physical Review Letters

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