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About the Brandeis IR


The Brandeis IR is a resource for the Brandeis community to showcase, promote, and preserve research and scholarship.

Criteria for Inclusion

Content accepted for inclusion in the BIR must be:

  • An original work created by a current member of the Brandeis community
  • Produced by Brandeis University faculty and staff, or student work sponsored by Brandeis faculty or departments
  • Focused on education and/or research
  • In digital format
  • Ready for public distribution
  • Compliant with US copyright regulations
  • Work for which the author/owner is willing to grant the BIR non-exclusive preservation and distribution rights as described in the submission license

The Library Advisory Committee will address any questions about appropriateness of content for the institutional repository in keeping with University policies. In evaluating specific materials for inclusion in the BIR, consideration is given to their purpose, preservation, audience, rights and permissions.

Structure and Organization

The content of the Brandeis Institutional Repository is organized in "communities" that reflect the academic and administrative structure of Brandeis University. For example, the community for the School of Arts and Sciences has "sub-communities" for each department and program. Within the communities or sub-communities, "collections" of works can be organized by research group, individual faculty member, content type or other logical groupings that meet the community's need.

Invitation to Participate

Brandeis University faculty, staff, and sponsored research affiliates are invited to consider placing their research in the Institutional Repository. We also encourage communities within the repository to identify a collection administrator who can help to define policies and carry out practices relevant to that community. To participate in the BIR, please contact LTS via the Contact Form.

More Information

The Help link contains information on searching and browsing the repository, as well as creating an account, uploading files, and more. You can also contact us.

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