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1830 et 1833.

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Title 1830 et 1833.
Author: Daumier, Honoré, 1808-1879
Abstract: This lithograph depicts Louis-Philippe. Louis-Philippe has aged remarkably during the years of his reign. Even the pear shape in the caricature is hardly recognizable. Balzac gave him the nickname "Lollo-Phiphi". He was he son of Philippe-Egalité. He was named Duc de Chartres and later Duc d’Orléans. He participated in various battles, travelled all over Europe, and stayed from 1796 to 1799 in America. After spending some time in England, he reconciled with Louis XVIII and returned to France in 1817. He became Lieutenant General of the Kingdom in July 1830 and on Aug. 9, 1830, he was proclaimed King of the French. In 1831, first intervention projects in Spain and movement against the Freedom of the Press. In 1833, he proposed a project to fortify Paris, in 1834, insurrection in Paris (massacre at Rue Transnonain), stock exchange speculations and fire at Mont-Saint-Michel prison. America claimed war indemnities. In 1835, death of Lafayette and trial against the participants of the April uprisings. In 1848, exile to England, where he died two years later.
Description: 2nd state.
Published in: La Caricature, August 15, 1833.
Date: 1833

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