Induction: It’s Not Just for New Teachers

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dc.description.abstract At the Mandel Center’s Induction Partnership Project and the Jewish New Teacher Project, we work with Jewish Day School leaders to plan and implement induction for novice teachers. We recognize the impact that careful induction can have on new teachers’ retention. But our deep commitment to induction stems from a host of other, broader benefits we know it brings to schools. Well-planned and carefully implemented induction doesn’t just keep new teachers in classrooms; it improves the quality of their teaching. It creates valuable leadership opportunities and status for experienced teachers who are ready for additional challenge and responsibility. The impact of a thoughtfully crafted induction program extends far beyond the individuals involved; our experience shows that it can transform the professional culture of a school. An investment in induction (including time, training and personnel) is an investment in establishing a professional, motivated, effective faculty, and ultimately in improving student learning. We believe that five persistent myths prevent educators and policy makers from seeing the transformative power of new teacher induction. Below we address each of those myths, and offer an image of the kind of new teacher induction that transforms the educational experiences of teachers and their students.
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dc.publisher The Induction Partnership Project at Brandeis University’s Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education and the New Teacher Center’s Jewish New Teacher Project
dc.subject Jewish education
dc.subject pedagogy
dc.subject practitioner research
dc.subject professional development
dc.subject teacher preparation
dc.subject teacher induction
dc.title Induction: It’s Not Just for New Teachers
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