Israel Scheffler interviewed by Harvey Siegel

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dc.identifier.citation Scheffler, I. with Siegel, H. (2005, November). Israel Scheffler interviewed by Harvey Siegel, Journal of Philosophy of Education, 39(4).
dc.description.abstract In this interview with Harvey Siegel, Israel Scheffler reflects on his career in philosophy of education. Beginning with his unusual entry into the field, he discusses the connections between his own early projects and that of R. S. Peters and Paul Hirst to make philisophy a central part of teacher education programmes, and articulates his view of the importance of general philosophy for work in philosophy of education. He reaffirms his longstanding commitment to the central importance of rationality in education, and reconsiders the fact/value distinction and the place of analysis in philosophy of education. He discusses the enduring legacy of Dewey, and assesses changing trends in the philosophy of education and the current state of the subject.
dc.language English
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher The Journal of Philosophy, Inc.
dc.rights Copyright 2005 by Journal of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain
dc.subject philosophy of Jewish Education
dc.subject practitioner research
dc.title Israel Scheffler interviewed by Harvey Siegel
dc.type Other
dc.identifier.doi 10.1111/j.1467-9752.2005.00461.x

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