Berkeley Community Theatre December 12, 1965

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dc.creator Bruce, Lenny 2016-10-07T16:14:29Z 2016-10-07T16:14:29Z 1965-12-12
dc.identifier.other LB_61a
dc.description.abstract Presented here is a digital version of a recording of a Lenny Bruce performance at The Berkeley Community Theatre on December 12, 1965. The show is known as The Berkeley Concert. Bruce is introduced. He fiddles with the microphone. He compares the Catholic Church to Howard Johnson's, in that it has franchises. He says our government is trying to open a franchise in Vietnam. He mentions protesters demonstrating against policemen, and does How the Law Started/Craphouse. He wonders who's exempt from the law, says he's been reading law for a while and wants to know where common sense fits in. He says an obscenity circus has been going on around him for the past five years. He mentions the case about whether James Joyce's Ulysses was going to being allowed into the country and about talks obscenity being judged not in terms of the most corruptible man but of the average man. He mentions a California law from 1961 saying a work has to have artistic merit. He says the church wants only whitewashed information to be disseminated, but that society needs to know about the worst, too. He thinks public money is being wasted on the desperate need to control vice. He says the good people get hung up on good and evil instead of right and wrong. There shouldn't be exemptions, for example, people who'll be allowed in the whorehouse because of their position of authority. He says search warrant must be a prerequisite for an investigation, and if the peace officer sees the crime, solid. He mentions San Francisco madam Sally Stanford. He says that whereas the crime rate has decreased, the task force is getting bigger and bigger. He analyzes reasons why people break the law. He describes how there are no junkies left at this point, they're all undercover guys, and he acts out their predicament . He says heroin is verboten by society because it destroys the ego and contends that the dangerous drugs are the ones marketed by pharmaceutical companies. He explains why marijuana will be legal in five years, and acts out an investigation of Zig Zag cigarette papers. He says that the crackdown on the Ku Klux Klan is a repeat of the witch hunt for Communists. He does his bit on Southern accents and Lyndon Johnson. He calls the Johnsons the biggest non-Jews in the world. Bruce mentions his bit Religions Inc. from four years earlier, and relates that while he used to think that a wealthy Catholic Church was hypocritical, he now understands the reason for having a baroque church in a poverty neighborhood, that is, why would a raggedy-ass guy want to go into a raggedy-ass temple? He says uneducated people can only understand material things. He says the conversion of Lyndon Johnson's daughter to Catholicism set the religion back 2000 years. He calls Lyndon Johnson is a shitkicker, but Kennedy was sophisticated. He does his bit about Jack Ruby and Melvin Belli. Bruce talks about doctors and says he's done a lot of hospital time in the last couple of years. He says he has a book to show the audience, Debbie Is a Nun. He talks about how men are entrapped with pornography, and that faggots are entrapped by undercover police in public toilets. He says his generation of men is terrified of being considered a faggot. He relates his surprise, when at Phil Spector's jamboree rock concert, at seeing 10-year-old kids out without their parents. He does Flashers, then Midgets, wonders whether Pygmies are midgets, and imagines Gov. George Wallace's reaction to Pygmies. He talks about Bela Lugosi and his son. He mentions a practice from the time of Christ's crucifixion. He does How Negroes and Jews Became Entertainers and talks about his scenario for a movie about Christ and the Good Thief. He talks about the fallout from a joke about Cardinal Spellman, then does The Postman. He flips through a magazine with stories about celebrities and lady-kinda ads. He reads the ad for the Mark Eden Method Bust Developer. Bruce wonders Are there any real tits left? Damn your silicone. He misses something about women: lipstick and powder. He proposes writing a dating advice book in which the advice is terrible. He does No Guy Ever Cheated on His Wife/Guys Detach. He loses his place, then continues to Custody/Get Even, Divorce, and Deny It. He claims he's Ralph J. Gleason (the San Francisco Chronicle writer who was a friend and supporter). He does a bit about Alaska, talks about the practice of using monkey glands for rejuvenation, then speculates on body parts being harvested and the moral issues that brings up. The recording ends during the bit. Parts of this show can be found on files LB_18, LB_19, LB_21, LB_54a and LB_54b.
dc.description.abstract Full length copies of the recordings are available for use in the department. Please contact the Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections Department, Brandeis University for more information.
dc.description.sponsorship Funded in part by a grant from the GRAMMY Foundation®
dc.format.extent 1:20:52
dc.format.mimetype mp3
dc.language English
dc.language.iso eng
dc.relation.ispartofseries Lenny Bruce Collection
dc.rights Material in this collection may be protected by copyright and other rights. Please contact the Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections Department, Brandeis University.
dc.subject.lcsh Bruce, Lenny
dc.subject.lcsh Comedians -- United States
dc.subject.lcsh Stand-up comedy -- United States
dc.subject.lcsh Jewish comedians -- United States
dc.subject.lcsh American wit and humor
dc.subject.lcsh Comedy -- Social aspects
dc.subject.lcsh American political satire
dc.title Berkeley Community Theatre December 12, 1965
dc.type sound recording Bruce, Lenny 1965-12-12
mods.note.funding Funded in part by a grant from the GRAMMY Foundation ®
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