Bird-faced Astarte

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dc.contributor CLARC CLARC 2016-05-03T20:10:11Z 2016-05-03T20:10:11Z 2016-05-03
dc.identifier.other 603
dc.description Canaanite, Middle Bronze Age (MBA II-A – C), c. 2000 – 1550 or Iron Age I, c. 1550 – 1000 B.C.E.
dc.description Cultic mother goddess figurine – most likely of Astarte – with highly stylized bird head. The hips are wide like other mother goddess images, with a deep (world) navel. Its surface is covered in what appears to be multiple colors of paint, including red and white, in addition to dirt encrustations. It may have been worn as an amulet expected to perpetuate fertility or good fortune or kept in a household altar.
dc.description Currently on display in the Rose Art Museum.
dc.description Rose photography: Charles Mayer
dc.description.sponsorship Brandeis University, Department of Classical Studies
dc.format.medium Ceramic
dc.language No linguistic content
dc.language.iso zxx
dc.rights Copyright held by CLARC.
dc.title Bird-faced Astarte
dc.type Figurine May 3, 2016
dc.contributor.department Department of Classical Studies Brandeis University, Department of Classical Studies

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