Vessel with flared spout

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dc.contributor CLARC CLARC 2013-11-07T20:41:59Z 2013-11-07T20:41:59Z 2013-11-07
dc.identifier.other 457
dc.description The ceramic vessel has a long, flared lip which turns directly into a bulbous body with a short, rimmed base. Beneath the rim is a narrow spout attached diagonally to the body, the top of it reaching the same height as the rim. The spout widens to its opening, which has a rounded lip. The piece is encrusted with dirt and a white residue.
dc.description.sponsorship Brandeis University, Department of Classical Studies
dc.format.extent Height: 11.8 cm. (4.645”)
dc.format.extent Width: 14.5 cm. (5.708”)
dc.format.extent Diameter at lip: 10.2 cm. (4.015”)
dc.format.extent Diameter at base: 5.8 cm. (2.283”)
dc.format.extent Diameter of spout: 3.4 cm. (1.338”)
dc.format.extent Circumference: 45.53 cm. (17.925”)
dc.format.extent Circumference at lip: 32.028 cm. (11.822”)
dc.format.extent Circumference at base: 18.212 cm. (7.17”)
dc.format.extent Circumference of spout: 10.676 cm. (4.203”)
dc.format.medium Ceramic
dc.language No linguistic content
dc.language.iso zxx
dc.rights Copyright held by CLARC.
dc.title Vessel with flared spout
dc.type Vessel May 21, 2016
dc.contributor.department Department of Classical Studies

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