Head of Egyptian goddess (Isis or Hathor)

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dc.contributor CLARC
dc.contributor.author CLARC en_US
dc.date.accessioned 2008-06-25T13:37:50Z
dc.date.available 2008-06-25T13:37:50Z
dc.date.issued 2008-06-25T13:37:50Z
dc.identifier.other 86 en_US
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10192/22826
dc.description Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, Dynasties XI – XII, c. 2055 – c. 1650 B.C.E. en_US
dc.description Made of black basalt stone. The head with headdress has been broken off at the neck. Was clearly part of a non-freestanding figure. The back is an unworked block of material. The eyes are large and hollowed out; possibly meant to hold jewels. en_US
dc.description Currently on display in Goldfarb Library. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Brandeis University, Department of Classical Studies en_US
dc.format.extent Height: 7 cm. (2.755”) en_US
dc.format.extent Width: 3.6 cm. (1.417”) en_US
dc.format.extent Depth: 3.1 cm. (1.22”) en_US
dc.format.medium Stone en_US
dc.language No linguistic content
dc.language.iso zxx
dc.rights Copyright held by CLARC. en_US
dc.title Head of Egyptian goddess (Isis or Hathor) en_US
dc.type Figurine en_US
dc.date.updated April 7, 2016 en_US
dc.contributor.department Department of Classical Studies

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