Vessel in the form of a female head

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dc.contributor CLARC CLARC 2008-06-25T13:37:26Z 2008-06-25T13:37:26Z 2008-06-25T13:37:26Z
dc.identifier.other 55
dc.description Early Roman, c. 300 – 100 or Hellenistic Period, 323 – 31 B.C.E.
dc.description Base of neck indicates a vessel. Left side of face and lower right side are intact. Right eye and most of right side of head are missing. Woman appears to be wearing a headdress over her stylized hair. Right side seems to have been dented and crushed. Most likely purposefully damaged and kept in a common scrap pile, either for the monetary value of the metal or for personal, unknown reasons. Its original purpose was ornamental, possibly as a cap for a staff or decorative bottle cork.
dc.description.sponsorship Brandeis University, Department of Classical Studies
dc.format.extent Height: 4.3 cm. (1.692”)
dc.format.extent Length: 4.6 cm. (1.811”)
dc.format.extent Width: 2.4 cm. (0.944”)
dc.format.medium Metal
dc.language No linguistic content
dc.language.iso zxx
dc.rights Copyright held by CLARC.
dc.title Vessel in the form of a female head
dc.type Vessel April 7, 2016
dc.contributor.department Department of Classical Studies

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